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My name is Peter Turner and I've been promoting products online as a way to earn money from home for about 12 years.

My main focus as a marketer is promoting affiliate offers and I put together CommissionTurbo to provide myself and other affiliates with a means to build a list of email leads whilst simultaneously promoting multiple high-converting affiliate offers.

The affiliate products are all online business products which are designed to help online entrepreneurs.

Commission Turbo works on the LeadsLeap platform.

LeadsLeap is a revolutionary set of marketing resources, especially for solopreneurs, with funnel building tools and a list management system that new marketers can use for free to learn the ropes of email marketing.

The ability to get paid whilst building your OWN list is the most important part of creating a scalable and reliable online business, especially for marketers promoting products relating to online business and internet marketing.

Unfortunately, launching a funnel which builds your list and presents relevant offers to your new leads can be very tricky and is not something most new marketers can do.

My intention for CommissionTurbo is to solve this problem with an easy-to-duplicate list building funnel that any LeadsLeap user can use to build their email list via LeadsLeap's own in-house email list management service, SendSteed, whilst simultaneously promoting multiple affiliate offers which could potentially provide them with several streams of income.